Iglesia Cristiana Monte Sinai

Amando a Dios. Creciendo en la sana doctrina. Llevando a Cristo al mundo.

Psalm 25:20-21

Have you seen time go by and doubt on God´s faith fullness by not answering when you want Him to? It is frustrating sometimes. We just need to understand that God is eternal, He knows about your present, but was is most interesting, is that He knows the future. He is looking at the decisions that you and I will make in times of desperation.God´s love is eternal towards us, so when He waits to answer, He is just waiting for you to prepare for that blessing to come. It is a matter of trust that our Father will provide, because He said so. His knowledge surpasses ours and He is working based on His relationship with us. As the psalmist says: I have waited upon you!